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Keno vs. Bingo

Many first timers at the casinos mistake the large keno boards for bingo boards. While to some this may seem silly, it is not. Keno was indeed the name of what we know today as Bingo, and there are some similarities between the two games, at least in the way that they are played. To the casual observer, they may seem the same. Balls are pulled from a machine and the numbers read out and displayed on a flashboard.

However, that is where the similarities end. While keno is played with eighty balls, bingo is played with only seventy five. In keno, you choose down the numbers that you wish to play with, and then mark them down on a blank keno card. In bingo, on the other hand, you have no choice in the matter, not even in choosing your own numbers. You receive a card pre-printed with numbers.

The final difference is that in keno, twenty numbers are drawn in every game. On the other hand, numbers are drawn until there is a winner when you play bingo. This means that in bingo there is only one winner. If you do not know if you have win or not, you can always ask at the Keno clerk's desk. In bingo, if you miss a number, then you can be a winner and not even know it. Finally, in keno there can be multiple winners, which means you stand a chance of winning regardless of how many people get the right numbers!

Written By Kendall Lars, Editor in Chief. 12.12.05