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Keno Combination Tickets

Keno combination tickets allow you more ways to win on a single ticket than any other kind of keno ticket. This is the big advantage of the keno combination ticket, the other being that it is a lot cheaper than playing all the various combinations on single tickets.

Keno combination or combo tickets are like split tickets in that they allow a number of straight wagers to be combined on the same ticket. This though is more complicated than other methods such as the split or way method. The keno combination ticket allows the player to join a number of straight bets on the one ticket or straight and way bets together. This is the reason why it is one of the favorite ticket types for online Keno players.

So if a player had selected two, four and six numbers on the ticket, these could all be played separately or if you wanted to combine two of them you would have six, eight or 10 numbers. Finally you could play all 12 numbers together. If you were playing $2 games these seven combinations would cost $14.

You don’t have to play all of the combinations and the one’s you don’t play, you can’t win with if they come up.

Michael Landenberg, Editorial Staff. 27.11.2005