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Fullerton City Council Votes in Favor of Keno

Almost twenty-one years after the town's voters permitted keno, the Fullerton City Council voted on January 6th, 2010 to allow Fullerton's first keno operation. City Administrator James Kramer said that the city council voted to allow keno and to enter into a 2 year-agreement making Timber Creek Palace the only keno gaming operator within the city limits.

Kramer said that Fullerton voters approved the game of keno in April 1989 but no keno operations ever started in town. State officials permitted the vote to be considered, leaving only a city council decision required to permit keno in Fullerton. The keno issue was brought before the council last month by Timber Creek Palace owners Patty and Chuck Noble.

Patty Noble, who is also the Fullerton city clerk, said that she had been thinking of offering keno to the bar for a long time. Kramer said that the city created a two-year exclusive deal with Timber Creek as an incentive after the Nobles had done much of the work in preparing the keno resolution and because no other groups in town expressed interest in offering keno.

Local governments get what is left of the keno revenues after prizes (at least 65%), expenses (at most 14%) and state taxes (2%) are taken out. The government bodies in Nebraska that permitted keno took in an average of 8.63% of the state's keno revenues during the 2008-2009 fiscal year, according to the state Department of Revenue's Charitable Gaming Division.

Kramer said that he is not sure how much revenue Fullerton would get. The city council also decided to opt into the Nebraska Cooperative Government, which manages many of the state's keno earnings.


John Sullivan