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How to play Keno

Playing Keno is very easy, and it's even better in online casinos where there's a certain degree of automation that saves you time from doing the same over and over again.

A Keno video machine has very simple controls. You select an amount that you're betting. In Keno, betting is buying a game; it doesnt matter how many numbers you're going to select.

You then proceed to select your lucky numbers. The more numbers you select, the more numbers you need to actually win anything (see the payout table: it changes every time you add or remove a number). After you selected the Keno numbers that you like most, all that's left to do is push the button.

You now have two options: one is to play a single game, and the other one is to play five games in a row with the same numbers. If you feel confident about your choice of numbers, by all means play five games and see if you are as lucky as you think. There's no discount for five game play, and your bet is collected from you when you start the five row game. The wins for the five row game are also summed up. Every time you win, the winnning amount is returned to you.

The trick of Keno is that the more numbers you choose the better your chances become; and as your wager is not sized proportionally to the amount of numbers you won, the odds are compensated by raising the lowest bar for a minimum amount of guessed numbers needed to win anything.

When you play a five in a row Keno game, there's a table on the machine that displays the results of your rounds and the amount you wagered and won.

That's it. There's nothing complicated about Keno. Just make sure you look at the Keno payout table when you contemplate your luck. Consult your feelings about the numbers you should select before you engage in a Keno round or five rounds. Try the online keno games for high paying tables and great deposit bonuses.