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Understand Keno Odds and Increase Your Wins

After you read this guide and understand Keno odds of winning and the house percentage, you'll be able to bet in the best way there is and win more money in Keno. Most Keno players avoid learning Keno odds, because it seems mathematical and complicated, but actually Keno odds are pretty easy to grasp, if you dissect it into different parts.

In order to understand the Keno odds, you need to understand three factors:

  • The House percentage.
  • The ticket price.
  • The casino's payoff for the ticket.

The casinos have an edge over the players. Let's say the casino have a 10% edge over the players. If a player comes to place a 100$ on a bet, Keno odds don’t mean he will lose 10$ immediately, or even after a day. That player might finish the day of gambling with 1000$ earned.

The house edge only means that over a larger time period the casino will win 10% of the money players put in the game. It might take a month, half a year, or a year, but eventually the casino's accumulated games will give the casino 10% of the money that players bet.

So the most important of all Keno rule is the rule that regards Keno odds, that you just learned, is that over time, the casino will earn the house edge. If the house edge is 20% of wagers, the casino will eventually get 20% of the money players wager in Keno.

This rule we just explained deals with the most fundamental tip there is:

  • In order to win more and lose less at Keno, play the bets with the lowest house advantage. These are the bets that give you the best Keno odds, and you should only play them!

The average house advantage for Keno is between 15% to 25%, and this is usually the Keno odds of the game. Even though this sounds a lot, Keno is worth while because it costs almost nothing to participate in the game, and you can win up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in one game. These prizes make Keno odds worth while.

The Keno odds offered to players are better than any state lottery, and it's a shame lottery players aren't aware of this. Otherwise those players would click on the first online casino instead of buying lottery tickets with a worse house edge.

Nowadays, online Keno games offer even better Keno odds, because their overhead costs are much lower.

You have just learned how to improve your winning odds of the keno game, and with just awareness of keno odds can help you win more money.

These odds aren't available on the keno ticket, so have the list near you while you play.

Will Richman - News Reporter