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Keno Player from Devonport Wins Double Jackpot

On May 21, 2007, a keno player from Devonport transgression has proved to be a good move, which resulted in winning him 2 jackpot prizes of $500,000 and making him the biggest winner of a Keno jackpot, according to NZ Lotteries representative, Todd McLeay.

The lucky Keno player accurately matched all of the 10 needed numbers in his multi-draw Keno ticket in Keno draw number 4850 at 1:00 pm that day.

The player's prize was supposed to be only $500,000, but he made a beneficial mistake that doubled his prize money.

Grant Hayward from Hayward's Paper Plus in Devonport said that the player bought the keno multi-draw ticket at his store as he usually does every week. However, the next day, the player forgot that he had already purchased the ticket and bought another one with the same numbers. Hayward said that the player was shocked to learn that he won the draw.

The winner wishes to remain unknown, but he is very happy with his good fortune in the game of keno. Previously, there have been 2 winners of $500,000. The first player, from Palmerston North, won on February 8, 1995, while the second player, from Kaitaia, won on February 18, 2005.


Tuesday, June 05 , 2007
Louis Blechdom