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Keno Sales Improve in the State of Ohio

On February 12th, 2009, a weak financial economy is causing a slow down in just every aspect of the financial market but the state lotteries. Retailers said that it is a sure thing that lottery sales will continue to improve even if the financial crisis worsens. In the state of Ohio, keno is helping in fueling the growth of the lottery.

At the Fricke's restaurant located in Centerville, Ohio, Keno sales have improved since the restaurant launched the game to its players almost 8 months ago and managers do not see the game losing its popularity any time soon. Fricker's Regional Manager April Baker said that she personally thinks that the game will continue to grow. She added that as people continue to win some cash, they get really excited and they get really excited about that. Baker said that they love to pay out their keno winners.

Lottery tickets and scratch-off sales located at gas stations are also up. Jeanne Troehler, who manages Charlie's Marathon in Moraine said that she thinks that with the ongoing financial crisis, people are looking for an instant solution to their monetary problems. A customer of Fricker's, Trendale Pitts said that he plays lottery, keno and he also buys scratch-offs, just for fun, but he hopes that he will hit the jackpot especially with the state of the economy.

But even though lottery sales posted positive results, area casino facilities said that they are losing profits. Profits at three Indiana riverboat casinos near Cincinnati are down by fifteen percent from a year ago.


John M. Thorpe