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Online Keno Betting Systems - The Martingale System

The Martingale system is only one of the online keno betting systems, and though many online keno players condemn this betting system it is still a part of the online keno betting systems section and should be addressed by players. We advise you to read the following article, learn how to use the Martingale system and then play at our online keno casinos and see if this betting system is suitable for you.

The martingale betting system works as follow: whenever you lose a game of online keno you then double your bet. Hopefully during your next bet you will win and the lost money will be regained easily.

The Martingale betting system's obvious disadvantage, and the source for the much criticism it gets, is due to the dramatic escalation of bets' size when players lose consistently when they play online keno.

Since online keno games have a rather high house edge you are likely to lose many times consecutively so using the Martingale betting system for online keno games is risky, but it is the only system that allows you to regain lost profit fast.

Here is an example of use of the Martingale systems when the first bet is $1:

Bet Size Win - Lose Next Bet Pure Profit
$1 Lose $2-$1
$2 Lose $4-$3
$4 Lose $8-$7
$8 Lose $16$15
$16 Win None+$1

Even though Keno is just like a lottery learning the online keno betting systems will allow you to better handle your bets and games since they put some limits to your play. If you want to play keno while using Keno strategy in order to win you must also learn the different online keno betting systems available such as the Martingale System.