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Nebraska Cooperative Government Hopes To Cash In On Low Lottery Payouts

What's left over from Keno sales after it is split among the cost of player winnings, Nebraska Cooperative Government expenses, operators' fees, state taxes and local allocation generates the Player Reserve Fund which is used to pay out large winnings.

Lotto Nebraska manages the Nebraska Cooperative Government (NCG) and its efforts are funded by a lottery system authorized under Nebraska Law.

Since players have not been winning large prizes the fund has grown to approximately $2 million. A recommendation by the Columbus City Council during its Monday meeting suggests the NCG allocate up to 1 percent of their Player Reserve Fund to be reserved for grant application administration costs.

According to Council member Chuck Whitney, a commissioner with NCG and the city's delegate to the annual meeting of the NCG Commission, that applying the percentage allocation to pay for administrative fees for grant writing would be a more efficient use of the money than to let it sit idle.

Whitney also said that Columbus, being a member of 100 NCG communities, would benefit from the allocation of up to 1 percent of the fund to promote non-lottery cooperative activities such as grant and economic development opportunities.

Whitney also said that by using the money for administrative costs for applying for grants, members of the commission will benefit from it, and being the third largest political subdivision, from a population standpoint, Columbus has a lot of clout. In terms of grant applications, it would benefit the city by having an outside professional apply for grants, he said.


Tuesday, September 05 , 2006
John M. Thorpe