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NSW Officials Approve Keno License

On September 21st, 2007, the state government had no other option but to rely on profits from gaming related taxes in the short term. The federal government has criticized the NSW government for giving permission to pubs to allow keno play, saying that it will only cause gambling addiction in return for the keno profit.

Federal leader Mr. Kevin Rudd commented that even though he is concerned that the states are putting a lot of their hopes in gaming profits, they have no other choice for the time being. Rudd said that he will not oppose NSW government's plan to modify the keno license. He added that the decision should remain with the state government and not the federal government.

Gaming and Racing Minister Graham West agreed to modify the keno license 2 years after ex-premier Bob Carr stated that he had no plans to allow pubs to offer keno. Keno is already being offered in clubs across the state and at the Star City Casino in Sydney.

Graham West commented that gambling addiction was a main issue regardless of what people played on. He added that the first thing that people should accept that gaming nowadays is really accessible. People have the option to play anywhere.

If it is not available in one establishment, they will simply look for another one that offers the game. West has vehemently denied that the government has allowed the keno plan in exchange for donations from the Labor Party from the hotel industry. He said that the government passed the keno plan because it was just following the commitment they have made in the 1998 plan of Tabcorp regarding the game.

Graham West said in a recent report made by the state government shows that male players aged between 18 years old and 24 years old and those who left school were most at risk of becoming gambling addicts. The government report would be utilized as the main basis for educational programs in schools to teach children about the dangers of gambling.


Louis Blechdom