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Other Keno Ticket Types

The variety Keno offers is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Besides the more well known keno ticket types such as straight tickets or way tickets there are a number of other keno tickets a player can select from.

Keno Race Horse Tickets

Keno Race Horse tickets trace their roots back to the origin of the game in Nevada. 50 years ago when keno was first played on the West Coast, each number that was drawn was also associated with a racehorse. The name stuck and the legacy and tradition of racehorse tickets still continues to this day which is why many casinos still call it that. Essentially it is exactly the same type of keno where players mark the numbers on the card they wish to play and get paid out according to how many of their numbers come up.

Keno King Tickets

The Keno King ticket is one where a number is circled. That single number is referred to as the King. The appeal of the king number is that it is not used alone but rather can be used in tandem along side other numbers to make up straight, way and/or combination tickets.

High-End Tickets

High End Tickets are different to many of the other keno variations in that it is looking for as many matching numbers as possible. Some keno versions pay out if you select only a few or even zero numbers. Not with high end tickets. In turn this is a high risk-high payout form of keno.

20-Spot Tickets

The player selects 20 numbers and has as many as 18 ways to win. The only way he doesn’t win is if he matches up 4, 5 or 6 numbers which actually happens around 63% of the time. The chances of doing well with a 20-spot aren’t as good as they may appear to be. If the player matches up 2, 3 or 7 numbers he gets his money back.

Top/Bottom Tickets

The player selects number one half of the ticket. This can be either the bottom or top. Alternately the halves could be vertical and left to right. To win the player has to match up with at least 13 numbers. The more numbers you match up, the increasingly bigger the payout is. The house edge in top/bottom is around 20% here. Some versions of top/bottom also pay out if the players matches up with less then 8 numbers.

Left/Right Tickets

This is the same as top/bottom except you are choosing either the left half of the numbers or the right side. Again you are waging on how many numbers in a certain half of the 80 numbers will occur.

Edges Tickets

In the same vein as top/bottom and left/right, the player only chooses numbers around the edge of the ticket. With eight rows of 10 numbers, there are 32 numbers on the edge.

Not all casinos and Online Keno sites offer the same keno ticket types so you need to check which versions they offer.

Louis Blechdom