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Player Wins $275,000 at Alexandra Headland Surf Club Keno Game

On June 21, 2007, after striking it big while playing keno games , the female keno player was only too pleased to share her winnings with others. She won $275,000 by choosing 9 out of 9 numbers on her keno card at the Alexandra Headland Surf Club.

The female player, who does not want to be identified due to personal reasons, gave each of the employees in the room a generous reward. According to the staff of the Alexandra Headland Surf Club, when the woman returned the next day to collect her winnings, she tipped all of the employees again.

Keno gaming attendant, Genice Daines, commented that aside from being very happy with her win, the winner was also a very generous and kind person. According to Daines, the winner said that maybe she is very lucky in games because she shares her winnings with others. The winner plans to give some of her winnings to her mother, make a donation to their church and donate money to her home country of South America.

The winner stated that she is not greedy and she just wants to help those that are close to her. She has won at keno 3 times, but she never won such a large cash prize. Had the winner chosen to pick 10 numbers and then succeeded, she would have won the jackpot of over $1 million.


John Sullivan