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  14. Group Pushing For Authorization Of Video Keno In Nebraska
    Nebraskans for Video Keno, a group of keno operators is pushing for the authorization of veido keno in Nebraska. The group has been circulating petitions and gathering signatures to include video keno in the ballot for November 7, 2006.
  15. Video Keno Group in Nebraska Help Raise $1.2M For Petition Fund
    Nebraskans for Video Keno help raise $1.2 million to fund the petition to allow casinos in the three congressional districts of Nebraska. The group is sponsored by local video keno operators
  16. $65 Million in Yearly Losses for Shops if Keno Sales Prohibited
    Keno tickets are likely to be phased out from retail shops over a five year period, but retail owners are appealing the proposal that could result in detrimental losses for them. SA Lotteries argues that if Keno can only be played in licensed gaming venues, Keno players could drop by at least 30%.
  17. 21 Businesses in Erie County Apply for Keno
    Around twenty-one businesses in Erie County have already passed their keno application to the Ohio Lottery. Businesses in the state are hoping for a good result from the game of keno.
  18. 7Sultans Online Casino Presents New Offer of 15 Minutes of Free Time in UK and Europe
    7Sultans Online Casino brings great news for those living in the UK and Europe. The Online Casino has launched its newly revamped 15 minutes of free time offer to UK and European casino players.
  19. A Big Keno Windfall for "Ray"
    Ray of Pottsville won a total of $1.2 million from keno. He said that he has no plans to resign from his work despite his big keno win.
  20. A Holiday in Ibiza Awaits A Lucky Bodog Player
    The Summer4Play promotion offered by Bodog Casino has reached the last phase.
  21. AGLC Evaluates the Pros and Cons of Upgrading its Video Keno and Super 8 Machines
    The AGLC are reviewing the possibility of upgrading their old video keno and super eight gaming machines. But critics said that the machines will only affect young gamers.
  22. AffClub Casino launches a revolutionary promotion
    All players can enjoy the outstanding promotion going live at the AffClub Casino, which brings great opportunities to win thousands of free cash.
  23. Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to Upgrade Video Keno and Super Eight Machines
    The AGLC announced on May 22nd, 2010 that they will be updating their video keno and super eight machines. AGLC officials said that this will improve their earnings.
  24. Alfastreet Prepares for Casino Games Launch at the London Show
    Alfastreet will be introducing the TAGO machine, multiplayer keno machine and poker machine at the London show. Alfastreet stated that they have great hopes for their products.
  25. Allegations Against DC Lottery
    Some allegations are brought against the DC lottery regarding a contract. This is going to delay the online gambling proposal of Washington further.
  26. Arabian Nights Online Slot Promo Offers Players Free Bonuses
    Smart Live Casino’s latest Slot of the Week Promotion features online slots game Arabian Nights, which offers players free bonuses and winning rewards.
  27. Arkansas Racing Commission Gives Approval to Electronic Keno Games
    The Arkansas Commission has given their go signal to Electronic Keno games to be offered at the Southland Racing Track. GLI first evaluated the game if it will meet the standards of the state.
  28. Atlantic Lottery Corporation Debuts Electronic Keno in Nova Scotia and P.E.I
    The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is planning to offer electronic keno in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. But gaming critics said that this is not a good idea because electronic keno is highly addictive.
  29. Atlantic Lottery Plans More Agressive Promotion on Keno
    The Atlantic Lottery is planning to agressively promote keno on Prince Edward Island. Lottery spokesperson Jennifer Dalton said that the game only needs time to get more popular with players.
  30. Attempts to Make Online Gambling Secure in USA
    Washington DC’s new advisory board attempts to make online gambling safe for American players.
  31. Attorney General Blumenthal Pushes for Compact Change Before Allowing Keno in Connecticut
    Richard Blumenthal is urging officials to modify the compact with the two tribes in the state before offering keno. Gov. Rell believes that Connecticut can earn $7.95 billion from keno.
  32. Attractive Jackpot Games at VIP Casino
    VIP Casino is offering players lucrative opportunities to earn cash through a wide range of progressive jackpots.
  33. Attractive Offers at Bet365
    Bet365 Casino gives out massive payouts to its players. Attractive opportunities to earn cash are offered by the online casino.
  34. BC Lottery Corporation Investigating Criminal Records of Retailers After Ombudsman Report
    The BC Lottery Corporation is currently doing a criminal record check on their retailers after a BC Ombudsman report came out. Some of the retailers had fraud convictions.
  35. Big John's Files Lawsuit to Overturn Smoking Ban on Keno Bars, Other Business Establishments
    Big Johns recently filed a lawsuit, urging a district court judge to change the smoking ban law that includes keno bars. Lawyers for the complainant that it creates unfair competition.
  36. Keno VS Bingo
    A short comparison between the Keno and Bingo games.
  37. Blackjack Casino Launches New Retro Campaign
    Earn double bonus points by playing Blackjack’s retro slots.
  38. Bridgewater Selectmen Approves Tedeschi's Keno Plan
    Bridgewater Selectmen approves the keno plans of Tedeschis. Selectman Christopher Flynn said that they should not derail the plans of Tedeschis and they should not show any favoritism.
  39. Brisbane Player Wins $2 Million Dollars on Keno
    An unidentified keno player from Brisbanes bayside won a total of $2 million. The man said that he will use the money to prepare his kids future.
  40. Broken Bow Officials Studies the Possibility of Offering Keno
    Broken Bow plans to allow keno in the city to pay for the upkeep of Broken Bows old swimming pool. Officials said that they also hope to build a new pool from keno revenues.
  41. Broken Bow Voters Vote in Favor of Keno
    Voters in Broken gave their approval on the game of keno on December 18th, 2009. Broken Bow plans to use the revenue from keno to repair their swimming pool.
  42. Business Establishments in Clark and Campaign Applies for Keno
    A lot of business owners in Ohio have already applied for the right to host the keno games. They are optimistic that it will help them recover from their losses.
  43. Businesses Apply for Keno License in Ohio
    A lot of businessess in Ohio have applied for a keno license. Business owners said that they are hoping to attract more customers to their establishments by offering keno.
  44. Bwin Adds Mini Version of Aztec Keno Game to Gaming Line-Up
    Austrian-based online group Bwin has added the Aztec Keno game to their gaming portfolio. The game is widely popular to gamers because it is very easy to play.
  45. Bwin.com Offers Mini Aztec Keno Game to SportsBettors
    Bwin.com has launched GTECH G2s Mini Aztec Keno Game on November 30th, 2009. Bwin.com said that their gamers love playing simple games like Aztec Keno while waiting for their results.
  46. CLC-GTECH CO. Limited Forms From Tabcorp
    CLC GTECH Co. Limited is formed from a division of Tabcorp. The main aim of the company is to promote Keno systems in China.
  47. Caribbean Lottery Debuts Multimedia Gaming Screens
    Caribbean Lottery recently debuted their multimedia gaming screens to improve the quality of the lottery services. The lottery has no intention to change their keno screens with the multimedia screens.
  48. Case Filed Against Suspects in Blue Springs Keno Case
    Deputy Attorney Rick Schreiner refiled the case against Roberts, Phipps and Fletcher in the Blue Springs Keno case. He said that enough evidence has already been gathered against the suspects.
  49. Casey Lottery Agents Regret Spending for Intralot Tickets
    The lottery agents in Casey are disappointed with the Intralot lottery product. Some of the agents say that they have spent $10,000 for nothing.
  50. Casino Club Launches Roman Empire and Keno Cash Games
    CasinoClub debuted its Keno Cash and Roman Empire on August 13th, 2009. CasinoClub Manager Marc West said that the new games also offer good rewards to gamers.
  51. China's Keno VLT is Ready for National Debut
    The Keno VLTs of China LotSynergy and IGT is ready for its roll-out. The roll-out of the machines was delayed almost three years ago because of some officials who want to have a say on the machines.
  52. City To Keep Using Keno Funds
    The Beatrice City Council unanimously voted and approved the 2006-2007 budget worth $31 million. And for capital improvements, the council as well voted to keep using keno funds.
  53. Clairborne Hall Morphs into a Keno Facility
    The Omaha City Council has given its approval for the modification of the Clairborne Hall. The hall will now be a keno hall instead of an events facility.
  54. Class III Gaming Contributions to the State of Arizona Drops by 9.4%
    The contributions of tribal casinos to Arizona dropped by 9.4% for the quarter ended June 30th. Even with the results, Director Mark Brnovich said that it still remains a good source of funding.
  55. Club Keno Retailers to Offer "Win For Life" Game
    Michigan Lottery will be launching the 'Win For Life' game on May 11th, 2009. Club Keno retailers will also offer the game. Some of the proceeds will go directly to the School Aid Fund.
  56. Club Keno a Great Deal for Local Establishments in Michigan
    Club Keno is the new rage in Michigan. Producing a total of $440 million, Club Keno is even beating out the Michigan's casinos in terms of profits.
  57. Colorado Imposes Smoking Ban on Keno Bars, Indoor Workplaces
    Governor Dave Heineman has signed a law that will ban smoking in public indoor areas. That includes smoking on keno pubs, liquor stores and others.
  58. Colorado Lawmakers Dismisses Video Keno Plan
    Colorado officials dismissed Sen. Chris Romers bill that will allow state bars and restaurants to offer video keno. The money from the game will be given to higher education.
  59. Colorado Lawmakers Shelves Sen. Chris Romers Senate Bill 215 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 4
    Colorado officials dismissed the plan to offer keno in state bars and allow horse races in State Fair grounds by Sen. Romer. Student Aid would have benefited from the plan.
  60. Combination ticket
    Learn how to fill a combination ticket which will boost your odds for winning.
  61. Compromise to Allow Keno Palors 5 Years to Ban Smoking
    Compromise proposal for smoking ban allows keno parlors in Omaha, Nebraska a 5-year grace period. In 5 years, smoking must be completely banned from keno establishments.
  62. Connecticut Governor Rell Creates Budget Proposal Without Keno
    Gov. Rell has quietly taken out the game of keno from her budget proposal. Instead, she approved tax increases for big earners in the state.
  63. Connecticut Governor Rell Pushes for Keno Once Again
    Gov. M. Jodi Rell is lobbying for the approval of keno in Connecticut. Gov. Rell said that keno revenues will help the state avoid costly budget cuts.
  64. Connecticut Governor Rell Renews Support for the Game of Keno
    Governor Rell of Connecticut urged legislators to reconsider keno as a source of revenue for the state. Keno is expected to earn $20 million in its first year.
  65. Connecticut Lawmakers Continues to Discuss the Pros and Cons of Gov. Rells Keno Plan
    Connecticuts tribal representatives are not in favor of Gov. Rells keno plan. Jackson King said that there is a chance that the plan will violate the gaming compact.
  66. Connecticut Lawmakers Discusses Merits of Keno Expansion
    Connecticut officials are in favor of thoroughly reviewing Gov. Rells keno expansion plan before implementing it. State officials are protecting their compact with the Mohegan and Mashantucket tribe.
  67. Connecticut Legislators Debates on Governor Rells Keno Plan
    Connecticut Legislators want to make sure that Governor Rells keno proposal will not affect their compact with the two tribes. Both tribes are still reviewing Governor Rells proposal.
  68. Connecticut Legislators to Review Gov. Rell's Keno Proposal
    Connecticut officials are currently studying the keno proposal of Governor Rell. The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe is reviewing the proposal before making any comment on the issue.
  69. Connecticut Plans to Offer the Game of Keno
    Connecticut officials are planning to offer the game of keno in the states businesses. Officials said that the state could earn as much as $40 million annually.
  70. Connecticut Public Safety and Security Committee to Hold Hearing for Gov. Rells Keno Plans
    Sen. Andrea Stillman will head the hearing regarding Gov. Rells plan to offer keno in the state. Representatives of the states tribes are also expected to attend the hearing.
  71. Connecticut Tribes Not in Favor of Keno Plan
    Michael Cicchetti said that they will not proceed with the keno plan until they have a solid deal with the tribes. The two tribes said that the plan violates the gaming compact.
  72. Connecticut Tribes Questions State's Keno Plan
    Mashantucket and Mohegan tribe representative said that states keno plan will violate the gaming compact. But state officials believe that keno is a lottery game.
  73. Connecticut Voters Not in Favor of Keno According to Quinnipiac Poll
    The Quinnipiac poll showed that 70% of Connecticut voters are not in favor of keno. The poll was conducted from March 9th, 2010 to March 15th, 2010.
  74. Council President James Dostal Proposes Northampton Council for Keno-to Go Game
    James Dostal plans to push for the Keno-to-Go game before the Northampton Council. He said that the City Council is not yet well-informed on the merits of the game when they voted earlier.
  75. Court Hears Keno Debate
    Last Wednesday, October 4, the Nebraska Supreme Court heard and dismissed a lawsuit to keep a petition initiative to allow electronic keno off the November 7 ballot. The initiative not to allow keno was ruled on earlier but later upheld by higher court on appeal.
  76. Cowntdown to 2012 promotion from InterCasino
    InterCasino has prepared a breathtaking promotion for the end of the year 2011.
  77. Critics Oppose Gaming Expansion in NSW, Australia
    There is a growing opposition to gaming in NSW. Prime Minister Rudd commented that he will propose ways to gradually decrease the reliance of states to gaming profits.
  78. Dairy Store Owners Caryn and James Greco Apply for Permit to Build Keno Gazebo
    The owners of The Dairy Store, Caryn S. and James Greco, filed a request before the city board of appeals. They want to build a keno gazebo in the back of their store for their customers.
  79. Dale Bremer Pleads Guilty in Northern Rivers Hotel Keno Case
    Former Northern Rivers Hotel employee Dale Bremer pleaded guilty in accepting credit bets in a public lottery. Bremer was fined $450 for his offense.
  80. Dan Metelsky Retires From Position at the Ohio Lottery Commission
    Dan Metelsky steps down from his position in the Ohio Lottery Commission. Metelsky has been instrumental in the launch of keno in Ohio.
  81. Dawson County Commissioners to Recommend Steve Walker's SteakHouse for Keno
    Steve Walker petitioned the Dawson County Commissioners for Keno. The commissioners overwhelmingly voted to recommend Walkers business for the game.
  82. Detroit Airport Officials and Michigan Lottery Negotiates Regarding the Lottery's Offerings
    Detroit officials and Lottery officials are discussing the possibility of offering lottery games inside the airport. Detroit Airport officials are lookings for ways to increase their revenues.
  83. DiNero's Receives Keno License for the State Lottery Commission
    Di Neros received a keno license from the Lottery Commission despite the objection of the Selectmen and town residents. Owner Frank Plotner said that he is surprised to get a keno license.
  84. Director Michael Dolan Handles Ohio Slots and Keno Offerings
    Aside from Keno, Lottery Head Michael Dolan will soon handle the installation of slot machines at horse racing tracks. But there are some people who are not content with his performance.
  85. Doubts About Intralot's Capability to Launch Keno in Victoria on July 1st
    There are a lot of doubts on whether Intralot can launch the keno games in Victoria on July 1st, 2008 but the company insists that they have enough time before the launch.
  86. Douglas County Winnings Reaches $455,000
    The total winnings in keno by Douglas County residents reached $455,000. All in all, the state was able to earn more than $5 billion in the lottery's long history.
  87. Downward Trends in The Gambling Industry
    UK and USA witnessed serious declines in the stocks of their gambling industry
  88. Ekeleme Wins $100,000 in Keno
    Ekeleme won a total of $100,000 from the Georgia Lottery. Ekeleme won that amount with the help of the new multiplier option of the keno game.
  89. Ernie Passailaigue is Arkansas' New Lottery Director
    Ernie Passailaigue will assume his position as Arkansas Lottery Director on July 1st, 2009. Passailaigue plans to introduce keno in bars and pubs all over Arkansas.
  90. Errol Mullaly Wins $145,000 in Keno at the Kallangur Tavern
    Errol Mullaly won a total of $145,000 in the keno game at the Kallangur Tavern. Mullaly said that he plans to use his winnings for his retirement.
  91. Exciting Summer Promo at Bodog Casino
    With the new exclusive promotion of Bodog Casino, players get a chance to go on vacations to Miami, Ibiza, Cancun and Las Vegas.
  92. Finance Minister Chris dEntremont to Push Electronic Keno Game Launch
    Finance Minister dEntremont of Nova Scotia is planning to go ahead with the introduction of keno machines in bars and pubs in the province. Gaming critics said that the machines are highly addictive.
  93. Finance Minister Graham Steele Formally Cancels Electronic Keno in Nova Scotia
    Graham Steele formally announced on September 21st, 2009 that he cancelling electronic keno. He said that the decision is very easy to made since the game is not earning enough revenue.
  94. Finance Minister Graham Steele Postpones Decision About Keno
    Finance Minister Graham Steele deferred his decision regarding the cancellation of electronic keno in the province. Opponents stated that electronic keno is more addictive than the standard game.
  95. Florida Considering Lottery and Keno as Options for Revenue
    Florida's Office of the Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability are conjuring up ways to bring in more revenues aside from the lottery. Keno is one of the options that they are considering.
  96. Free keno
    Free Keno
  97. Fullerton City Council Votes in Favor of Keno
    The Fullerton City Council voted to allow keno in the city. The Timber Creek Palace will be the sole keno gaming operator in Fullerton for two years.
  98. Funky Chicken- Rival Gamings newly launched 3D slot game
    Find out about Rival Gaming’s newly launched 3D slot game Funky Chicken which has some very attractive payouts.
  99. GTECH Protests Intralot's Winning Bid for the Ohio State Lottery
    GTECH is protesting the decision of the Ohio Lottery to award the Lottery and Keno contract to Intralot. GTECH said that Intralot do not have the right capability and equipment to handle the games.
  100. GTECH Pushing for Keno in Ohio
    GTECH has been allegedly pushing for the implementation of keno in Ohio. The officials of the company decline to comment on the matter.
  101. GTECH To Appeal Ohio Lottery Board Decision On Keno and Lottery Contract
    GTECH will appeal the decision of the Ohio Lottery to award the keno and lottery contract to Inlogic. The Lottery board has postponed finalizing the Intralot contract.
  102. Gail Mirabito Ecstatic About Keno Win
    Gail Mirabito is very happy with her $33,272 win in Keno. She plans to take a vacation in Ireland with her family with the help of her winnings.
  103. Gambling Addiction Main Worry With Keno in NSW
    NSW is worried that with the debut of keno in hotels, gambling addiction will become the main problem in NSW. Brian Grenfell said that they are happy with the keno approval.
  104. GameTech Announces European Launch of Gambling Platform
    GameTech, a maker of bingo, keno and slots equipment, announced the launch of their gaming platform in Europe. GameTech serves customers in different countries like in the Philippines and others.
  105. GameTech International's Gambler's Edge Keno
    GameTech International recently release Gamblers Edge Keno. Aside from that, they have received their GLI certificate for Gamblers Edge Keno.
  106. Gaming Transactions Inc. To Build And Sell White Label Versions Of Keno.Com
    Keno.com Ltd (UK) is beginning its sub-licensing program for white label Keno.com-style websites. Nominal set-up fees and an on going percentage of licensing fees will be charged to the operators in exchange for the sites.
  107. Garald Pruitt Wins $26,554 Keno Jackpot from the Oregon Lottery
    Garald Pruitt won a total of $26,554 from the Special Keno Jackpot game on May 10th, 2010. He said that he plans to fix their car and home with his prize money.
  108. Georgia Lottery Posts Profit of $871 million From Games Like Keno
    The Georgia Lottery earned a total of $871 million for this fiscal year. Some of the games that the lottery are offering are Keno, instant win games and others.
  109. Gov. Granholm May Allow Keno in the Private Clubs of Michigan
    Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan is planning to expand gambling in the state, starting from offering club keno. Keno has contributed a lot of money to Michigan's school aid fund.
  110. Gov. Strickland Approves Keno in Ohio
    Gov. Ted Strickland is pushing for the inclusion of keno games in the Ohio Lottery. He said that this will help the state regarding the budget deficit that they will have to face by next year.
  111. Gov. Strickland Warns of Budget Shortage if Keno Plans Don't Materialize
    Governor Strickland said that he is not upset about the setback of his keno plans. But some people believe that the Governor will hold Republican legislators responsible if the proposal doesn't pass.
  112. Gov. Strickland's Keno Gaming Plans Hits a Deadlock
    The Keno Gaming Expansion plans of Gov. Strickland is in danger of being dismissed. The members of the Controlling Board said that the Commission must first held a public hearing on the issue.
  113. Governor Granholm Plans to Expand Keno in Michigan
    Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm, plans to expand gambling in the state. Club Keno will be offered at the clubs, lodges and even VFW Halls in Michigan.
  114. Governor M. Jodi Rell Plans to Permit Electronic Keno Games in Connecticut
    Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell is planning to allow electronic keno games in the state. She said that it will help solve the budget deficit that the state is facing.
  115. Governor M. Jodi Rell Unveils Budget Plan for New Fiscal Year
    Lawmakers are willing to review Gov. Rells keno proposal because of the states growing budget deficit. Keno revenues will help avoid cuts in the state budget.
  116. Governor M. Jodi Rell Withdraws Keno From Budget Proposal
    Governor Rell removed electronic keno from her budget proposal on August 26th, 2009. Rell spokesperson Adam Liegeot said that the Gov. Rell feels that it is not anymore needed in the proposal.
  117. Governor Mike Beebe Not in Favor of Including Keno in State Lottery Games
    Governor Mike Beebe is not in favor of allowing the state lottery to offer the game of keno. He said that only the games approved by the state voters should be offered by the lottery.
  118. Governor Mike Beebe and Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue Discusses Keno
    Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue and Gov. Mike Beebe met for 1st time since the lottery directors appointment on June 30th, 2009. They discussed the game of Powerball and a little of Keno.
  119. Governor Rell Revives Keno Plan in Connecticut
    Gov. M. Jodi Rell has revived her keno plans in order to solve the budget deficit. The states two tribes refused to comment on the issue for the meantime.
  120. Governor Strickland Approves Keno for Ohio
    Even though Gov. Strickland is a gaming critic, he still supports the expansion of gaming in Ohio with Keno. One of the reasons why is to help reduce the budget deficit for the coming fiscal year.
  121. Graham Steele Releases Keno Study Made by Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation
    Finance Minister Graham Steele released the keno study conducted by the Nova Scotia Gaming group. Steele said that he wants to take his time in studying the situation before making a final decision.
  122. Grand Island Council Voted for 1.5 Occupation Tax for the State Fair Fund, Other Half from Keno
    The City Council decided a 1.5 Occupation tax for the Nebraska State Fair. The other half of the funding will be coming from the keno revenues.
  123. Grand Island Keno Profits Drop Since the Implementation of the Smoking Ban
    The Keno profits of the business in Grand Island specifically in Hall County after the smoking ban was enforced on June. But keno profits are now recovering slowly from the smoking ban.
  124. Grand Island Raises First Million Dollars for the Nebraska State Fair
    Grand Island officials have already raised the first $1 million for the State Fair. The next half will be coming from county keno dollars.
  125. Greater Kalamazoo Receives $10,000 Keno Donation from Jim Dancy
    Jim Dancy of Kalamazoo, Michigan generously donated his $10,000 keno winnings to the Greater Kalamazoo United Way. He said that he wants to help his community with his winnings.
  126. Gtech Signs $78 Million Contact
    GTech Corp. announced that it has signed a $78 million contract with Trinidad and Tobagos National Lottery Control Board. The Five-Year contract will run through September 2011.
  127. Hall County Board Members Votes For .3 Property Tax Increase for State Fair
    The Hall County Board has voted in favor of a .3 tax increase for the Nebraska State Fair. Members say that this is only appropriate because there will be another half million coming from Keno.
  128. Hall County Keno Betting Profits Affected By Smoking Ban, Weak Economy
    The Keno profits of Hall County were severely affected by a lot of things. Some of these reasons are the smoking ban and the sluggish economy of the state.
  129. Hall County Keno Wagers Drop By Thirty-Two Percent
    The Keno bets place by Hall County players drop by 32%, surprising officials. One of the reasons is the smoking ban that was recently enforced in Grand Island.
  130. Hall County Society Increases Tax for Nebraska State Fair, Other Half Coming From Keno Earnings
    The Hall County officials recently increased its tax to $100,000 for the Nebraska Fair. Profits from keno will also be allocated to the state fair.
  131. Hermidale Resident and Wee Fah Wong Wins Powerball and Keno Jackpot
    A resident from Hermidale won a Powerball jackpot worth $68, 204. But it was surpassed by Mr Wee Fah Wongs keno win worth $397,418.
  132. Hottinger Opposes Keno Plans of Governor Strickland
    State Rep. Jay Hottinger is opposed to the keno gaming plans of Governor Strickland. He said that there are other ways to solve the budget deficit of the state of Ohio.
  133. How to win at keno
    How to play Keno in online casinos
  134. Huge Payouts at The Diamond Valley Slots of Bet365
    Players are making huge wins at the Diamond Valley Slots of Bet365 Casino.
  135. Impressive casino payouts have been recorded in April
    Learn more about the exciting six-figure payouts that have been recorded in April in various games at Mummy's Gold.
  136. Initiative Petition Authorizing Video Keno In Nebraska Ongoing
    A group in Nebraska is pushing for a initiative petition allowing video keno in the state. The group called Nebraskans for video keno, is aiming to put video keno in the ballot for the November vote.
  137. Intralot Edges Out Tattersall's In Victorian Gambling Market
    Intralot has received the gaming license for the Victorian Lottery. A lot of retailers are not in favor of Intralots products because of its high price.
  138. Intralot to Handle the Ohio Lottery from GTECH
    Intralot has been given the duty to operate the Ohio Lottery. The company will take over the responsibilities from GTECH, who has been handling the Ohio Lottery since 1985.
  139. Intralot's First Day of Gaming Operations Push Through Despite Problems
    The first day launch of the games handled by Intralot met a lot of problems. But Intralot is hopeful that they will be able to solve this problems in the next few days.
  140. Iowa Officials Studies the Idea of Giving Bars the Chance to Offer Video Keno
    Iowa officials are now planning to give permission to bar owners to host Video Keno. This will ensure that bars will be able to continue competing fairly against casinos in the area.
  141. JK Harris Says Gaming Wins Classified as Income to IRS
    Ralph Havens of JK Harris should not be mistaken in thinking that gambling wins are not taxable. The IRS considers it as income so players must include it in their Income Tax Returns.
  142. James Gill Tries His Luck at NRL Footy Show's Keno Million Dollar Hot Seat Show
    James Gill is hoping to win the $1 million prize at the Keno Million Dollar show. James Gill received accomodations at the Star City Casino facility and a service to the Channel 9 studios.
  143. James Perrone Wins $40,000 dollars from Clarion Hotel Keno Ticket
    Mr. James Perrone of Columbia won a total of $40,000 dollars from the keno ticket he bought at the Clarion Hotel Bar. Perrone said that he is very happy with his win.
  144. Jim Dancy Donates Keno Winnings to the Greater Kalamazoo United Way
    Jim Dancy donated his $10,000 keno winnings to the Greater Kalamazoo United Way. He said that a lot of people needed the money more than him.
  145. John Berkley Discusses LGIS Keno Interests and License Application Before Nevada Gaming Board
    John Berkley discussed the sale of LGIs keno interests and his license application with the Nevada Board. Berkley also said that LGI desperate needs additional capital.
  146. Judge Hartigan Overturns Partial Smoking Ban on Keno Bars & Other Omaha Businesses
    Judge Hartigan has reverse the partial smoking ban according to the decision of the Nebraska state supreme court. Some residents and businesses in the area have mixed reactions about the decision.
  147. Keno Continues to Grown in Massachusetts
    Keno continues to thrive in the state of Massachusetts. Aside from the Department of Revenue, it is the second largest profit provider for the state.
  148. Keno Expects to Produce $70 Million for Ohio
    Ohio will start offering keno on August 4th, 2008. Profits from the game will help solve the budget deficit of the state.
  149. Keno Gets Another Chance in McCook
    The ordinance that would allow operators and staff to play keno was given another chance in the McCook City Council. Mike Nevrivy is the one who have petitioned to allow operators and staff to play.
  150. The History of Keno
    The History of Keno
  151. Keno Kings Liquor License Request Fails to Pass Omaha City Councils Scrutiny
    The Omaha City Council voted 5-2 against Keno Kings liquor license request. But the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission can approve the Keno Kings license application.
  152. Keno Lottery Sales Surpass Expectations in Michigan
    Lottery Commissioner Gary Peter said that the Keno and Millionaire Raffle Game is doing well in Michigan. He added that it is one of the reasons why their ad budget should not be cut.
  153. Keno machines
    Keno Machines
  154. Keno Machines Destroyed at Patterson Junkyard in New Jersey
    Officers and city officials destroyed keno machines on June 30, 2007 at a Patterson Junkyard in Lafayette. Sgt. Tom Trommelen said that many people are affected by the machines.
  155. Keno Money to Help with the Nebraska State Fair
    The plan to move the Nebraska State Fair to Grand Island will need funding from the local county aside from the profits from keno. The consent of the residents is also important to the State Fair.
  156. Keno odds
    A thorough examination of Keno odds, understanding the house percentage, calculating the house edge and decreasing your losses, with an odds and probability chart that will help you gamble.
  157. Keno Ordinance in McCook Passes
    The Keno Ordinance in McCook that Mike Nevrivy supports recently passed the first reading of the council. The council decided that the machines in McCook are harder to tamper with.
  158. Keno Player Wins $243,000 at Ramsgate RSL Club
    A grandfather from Sydney won a total of $243,000 while playing keno at the Ramsgate RSL Club. He said that he plans to buy a car from his winnings.
  159. Keno Player from Devonport Wins Double Jackpot
    A Keno Player from Devonport is the lucky winner of the double Jackpot prize, making him the biggest winner of a Keno jackpot.
  160. Keno Proposal Passes First Reading in McCook Council
    The proposed keno ordinance in McCook passed the initial reading in a four to one vote. Councilman Jack Rogers is skeptical about the keno proposal.
  161. Keno Question Appeal On Hearing This Week
    An initiative to put video keno on the November ballot survived a court challenge, but opponents said theyre not yet done with the battle. The Omaha-based group 'Gambling With the Good Life' has also come out against video keno.
  162. Keno SPIN3s New Mobile Game
    After its recent achievement being on top at the first Mobile Entertainment Awards Spin3 now releases a brand new game. The offers a maximum jackpot of 500,000 UK Pounds from a minimum bet that starts from 0.5 coins.
  163. Keno Sales Improve in the State of Ohio
    Despite the crisis,Ohios Lottery particularly the game of keno is showing no signs of slowing down. Retailers are optimistic that their sales will not be affected despite the financial crisis.
  164. Keno Starts on August 4th, 2008 in Ohio
    Around 800 business will feature keno as the game starts on August 4th, 2008. Lottery spokesperson Marie Kilbane said that they are hoping that the number will rise to 1,000 by the end of the month.
  165. Keno strategies
    Keno Strategies
  166. Keno is Among the Issues Debated Upon by Those Running for Governor of Kentucky
    Gubernatorial Hopefuls in Kentucky discussed their platforms and programs on April 20, 2007 with voters. One of the issues that was discussed was Keno.
  167. Keno, Smoking Ban, Horse Flu Epidemic Affected Lithgow Workmen's Club
    GM Michael Alexander said that there are a lot of factors that have affected their profits for the year. Some of these factors are a combination of smoking ban, keno, remodeling and horse flue issues.
  168. Keno-To-Go Available in Massachusetts Except for Gloucester and Rockport
    Keno is already available in any area in Massachusetts except for Gloucester and Rockport. Officials of these two cities are complaining that they are not receiving enough funds.
  169. Keno.com To Launch Its New Version This September
    September is the start of the iGaming season and Keno.com Ltd. will be launching its new version of Keno.com this September. Relying on its more than 15,000 members as its marketing foundation it aims to capture a share of the market.
  170. Keno News
    Up to date online keno news and latest events. Only at Keno.cd.
  171. Kevin Anderson Questions Intralot Fees for New Games Like Keno
    Kevin Anderson said that he will be forced to scratch the games that he is offering because of the unreasonable fees of Intralot. He doubts the decision of the government regarding Intralot.
  172. Kirkendoll Cousins Win $8,000 in Club Keno
    Kenneth and Kara Kirkendoll shared the $8,000 dollars that they have won in Club Keno. The two cousins have different plans regarding their share of the jackpot prize.
  173. LVGI Re-Releases Newly Modified Nevada Numbers
    LVGI has re-released their Nevada Numbers in the market. The game now allows for multiple draws every hour, allowing players a good opportunity to win the $5 million progressive jackpot.
  174. La Vista Keno Adds Smoking Patio for Nebraska Total Smoking Ban
    La Vista Keno added a smoking patio for their customers in preparation for the June 1st, 2009 ban. Rich Bellino said that he believes that it is a good investment especially during winter.
  175. Lancaster County Board Approves Interlocal Agreement for Keno
    The Lancaster Board approved an Interlocal deal that would permit keno in Bennet. Bennets own board approved the game on February 8th, 2010.
  176. Las Vegas Gaming Incorporated's Nevada Numbers
    Las Vegas Gaming Inc. recently relaunched their keno game. The game will now have hourly drawings instead of a single draw at 6:00 p.m. everyday.
  177. Legalization of online gambling in US was opposed by Tea Party
    US political climate is not improving the legal environment for online gambling, especially with Tea Party involved.
  178. Liberals Criticizes Gaming Licenses in Victoria
    Critics like Michael O'Brien criticize the gambling expansion license granted by Premier Brumby to Tattersalls and Intralot. He said that this can only lead to widespread gaming addiction.
  179. Lincoln County, Nebraska, Keno Revenues 2.5% Higher Then Expected
    Lincoln County, Nebraska is finally seeing the benefits of their keno licenses. The county came in 2.5% over their expectations which will be used to offset property taxes for the Iron Eagle Golf Course.
  180. Lottery Auction and Constitutional Amendment for New Games Raises Criticism
    The Texas Government is looking for a buyer for the state lottery. In addition, Governor Perry also supports a constitutional amendment that will allow new games, like keno.
  181. Lottery Officials Hopeful about Keno's Future in Ohio
    Lottery officials still considers keno moderately successful even though it is way below the predicted profit expectations. A lot of business are also starting to profit from the game.
  182. Lotto 649 and keno
    Lotto 649 and Keno
  183. Lucky Keno Millionaire From Australias Mid-North Coast
    Keno player known as 'Lost' won $1.76 million at a keno game at Stuarts Point Workers Club on Wednesday, January 10, 2007. The Keno winner plans to buy a home for his sister and go on a fishing trip with his winnings.
  184. Maine Officials Approves Mega Millions But Dismisses Keno
    Maine legislators passed the Mega Millions game on March 14th, 2010. But they dismissed the game of keno since it will need a new regulatory framework.
  185. Maine Officials Plans to Allow Non-Profit Groups to Offer Keno
    Maine lawmakers are reviewing the chance of allowing non-profit groups the chance to offer keno. Lawmakers said that it will help supplement the incomes of the non-profits.
  186. Maines Legislative Committee in Favor of Joining the Mega Millions Lottery
    Maine plans to join the multi-state Mega Millions lottery as an option to produce more revenue for the state. Maine also plans to allow non-profit groups to offer keno.
  187. Manchester Player Wins $12,563 Playing Club Keno
    Wedell Spray from Manchester won a total of $12,563 from Club Keno. He and his wife, Joan, are planning to spend some of the money paying their debts and going on a holiday.
  188. Manitoba Lotteries Refuses to Pay $209,000 Keno Jackpot
    Two Canadian men are claiming a jackpot prize of over $200,000 from Manitoba Lotteries Corporation. However, the casino opted not to pay since according to them, it was a system error and machine malfunction. The men are considering filing legal action sagainst the casino.
  189. Martingale
    Learn how to use the known Martingale system which is often presented as an online keno betting system used by novice players.
  190. Maryland Lottery Agency Petitions to Spend $90 Million Dollars to Improve its Gaming System
    The Maryland Lottery Agency filed a request before the BPW to spend $90 million dollars for the management of its system. That will include its keno system and others.
  191. Maryland Receives Share from Lottery Profit It Help Conceptualize
    The state of Maryland is claiming that they are entitled to some of the profit from placing a multiplier to the keno games. Scientific Games still has a contract with the state when that happened.
  192. Marylands State Lottery Formally Files Petition for $90 Million Dollars Gaming Systems Upgrade
    Marylands State Lottery petitioned the BPW for a $90 million dollars systems upgrade for its keno game and others. The Lottery filed the petition on May 19th, 2010.
  193. Massachusetts Lottery Launching a New Keno Race Car Game
    Lottery Officials announced the launching of the Keno Race Car Game. State Treasurer, Timothy Cahill, commented that they are hoping it will earn more than the standard keno game.
  194. Massachusetts State Lottery Plans Racing Game
    Massachusetts State Lottery is preparing to launch a new game that would let gamblers bet on animated car races shown on Keno-style video monitors. The new Keno game is part of a broader effort at the Lottery to keep revenues growing.
  195. Massachusetts State Lotterys Keno Sales Improves for This Fiscal Year
    The State Lotterys Keno sales are up by 5.4 percent for the current fiscal year. The main reason for this improvement is the Keno-to-Go games that launched in March 2008.
  196. Massachusetts' Daily Race Keno Game
    The state lottery plans to expand the Daily Race Game to pizza bars and family oriented restaurants. Critics said that minors may be exposed to gambling very early in this way.
  197. McCook Keno Owners Request Lifting Restrictions on Games
    Keno owners are petitioning the McCook council on whether their staff could play keno even at work. The manager of McCook Keno said that the new technology will help prevent cheating.
  198. Michigan Lottery Officials Adds Progressive Jackpot to Club Keno Game
    Michigan lottery officials recently add a progressive jackpot to their popular keno game. Commissioner Brown said that they are certain that the new feature will help boost Club Kenos sales.
  199. Michigan Lottery Performs Well Despite Financial Crisis
    Michigan Lottery continues to enjoy good earnings despite the financial crisis. One of the main reasons is the game of keno, which continues to be a customer drawer for most businesses.
  200. Michigan Resident Michael Schultz Wins $6,775 Keno Prize in Branson
    Michael Schultz won a total of $6,775 in Club Keno while he was on a fishing vacation in Branson. He plans to save the money in the bank.
  201. Microgaming's Germinator Released on Quickfire
    Germinator fans will be delighted that it is now available at Virgin Casino.
  202. Missouri Lottery Gaming Products Sales Surpass One Billion Dollars Mark
    The sales of the Missouri Lottery have reached more than $1 billion. Games like Club Keno contributed to the overall total, with $59.6 million in sales.
  203. Mix Results for the Michigan Lottery
    The drops on the earnings of the Michigan Lottery has businesses and schools in Michigan. But some bars are doing better despite the economic crisis because of the game of keno.
  204. Mobil Aldermen Dismisses Keno-to-Go Proposal for Melrose Mobil and RD's Delicatessen
    Mobil Aldermen unanimously opposed the Keno-to-Go plans for Melrose Mobil and RDs Delicatessen. Alderman Peter Mortimer said that the location is near elementary schools so it is not a good plan.
  205. Mohegan Tribe to Participate in Keno Forum in Hartford, Connecticut
    The Mohegan tribe will join the keno forum on March 2nd, 2010 in Hartford. Mohegan tribes Lynn Malerba said that it is important to carefully evaluate Gov. Rells keno plan.
  206. NSW Officials Approve Keno License
    NSW state officials said that they had no option but to accept profits from gambling for the short term. Gaming Minister Graham West changed the keno license so that pubs can offer the game.
  207. Nebraska Cooperative Government Hopes To Cash In On Low Lottery Payouts
    The Nebraska Cooperative Government is hoping to take a percentage of the payout pool set aside in the Nebraska Lotto. Low Lotto payouts have cuased the fund to swell to approximately two million dollars.
  208. Nebraska Group Initiating Petition Authorizing Video Keno
    A Nebraska group is initiating a petition for the approval to include video keno on the ballots for the November vote. Nebraskans for Video Keno is the group behind this petition.
  209. Nebraska State Supreme Court Hears Case of Keno Operators
    The state supreme court of Nebraska heard the case filed by Richard Bellino against his lawyers under the claim that he was ill advised regarding his keno business.
  210. Nebraska Supreme Court Awards $1.6 million dollars to Richard Bellino
    The Supreme Court of Nebraska has awarded $1.6 million to Richard Bellino regarding the case he filed against his lawyers. Bellino filed a malpractice suit against his lawyers.
  211. Nebraska Supreme Court Declares Omaha Partial Smoking Ban to Be Unconstitutional
    The Supreme Court has decided that the smoking ban exemptions in Omaha especially in keno bars and some pubs is not right. Tom Mumgaard said that the council will convene to formulate their plan.
  212. Nebraska Supreme Court Rules Smoking Exception for Keno Establishments and Bars Unconstitutional
    The Supreme Court has decided that the exemption on keno and other pubs are unconstitutional regarding the smoking ban. The City Council will have to decide on what will be their next action.
  213. Nebraska Supreme Court to Hear Case Regarding Keno Operators
    The Supreme Court of Nebraska will hear the case of keno operator Richard Bellino and his law firm on May 30, 2007. Bellino wants the Jury Decision of awarding him $1.6 million to be enforced.
  214. NetPlayTV Signs Deal with ITV to Air "The Zone"
    NetPlayTV finalized an agreement with ITV to broadcast 'The Zone', which is a bingo show. Aside from that, NetPlayTV also shows quick fire keno games and the Roulette Nation.
  215. Netteller Offering Luxury Holiday at Monte Carlo
    Neteller is offering a new promo to its players- a luxury trip to Monte Carlo.
  216. Nevadas 3rd District Discusses Three Gambling Initiatives
    Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale called for a public hearing on statewide ballot initiatives. Everyone was given the chance to speak for or against an issue at hand.
  217. New BlackBerry Smartphone with Unique Features
    BlackBerry is all set to release its new Smartphone triggering overwhelming excitement among users.
  218. New Deal by Gala Coral And Playtech
    A new 10-yesr deal has been finalized stating that Playtech will supply the gaming solutions of the bingo room, Gala Coral.
  219. New Jersey Drops Lottery Contract
    New Jersey decided to toss out a Lottery Commission contract. The nations two major lottery-management companies, GTech Corp. of West Greenwich, R.I., which had landed the contract, and Scientific Games International, were locked into conflict by the eminent issue.
  220. New Red Riding Hood slot game at Lucky Club Casino
    Lucky Club Casino adds the Red Riding Hood slot game to its portfolio. The game is the latest release of NuWorks Gaming.
  221. New Sherwood Forest Fortunes Slot Game Released by Rival Gaming
    Online games developer and software provider, Rival Gaming, has released brand new i-slot game Sherwood Forest Fortunes that has plenty of unique features.
  222. New Zealand Lotteries Offers Online Option To Buy Keno and Lottery Tickets
    The New Zealand Lotteries recently launched the online option to buy lottery and keno tickets. NZL Head Todd McLeay commented that customers can only buy tickets up to $300 hundred.
  223. No download keno
    No download Keno
  224. Norfolk Nebraska Decides on the Issue of Keno Gaming
    The City Council of Norfolk Nebraska is considering whether or not to offer keno in their community. According to the council, the $400,000 the game could produce make keno worth consideration.
  225. Nova Scotia Considers Canceling the Game of Keno
    Nova Scotia plans to discontinue offering keno since it does not have good results. Finance Minister Graham Steele said that he wants to review the facts first before making a final decision.
  226. Nova Scotia Dismisses Electronic Keno
    Electronic keno will bid goodbye on the province of Nova Scotia on October 22nd, 2009. Finance Minister Graham Steele said that the game is not performing to expectations.
  227. Nova Scotia Gaming Corporations Study about the Viability of Keno
    Nova Scotia Gamings study shows that keno only earned a total of $700,000 in its first 4 months of operation. Robyn MacIsaac said that it will cost $3.5 million to stop the game.
  228. Nova Scotia Passes New Gaming Laws
    Nova Scotia recently approve new gaming laws like lottery retailers should not sell any games to anyone under 19 years old and others. The new law also apply to online games and keno.
  229. Nova Scotia Residents Divided Over Electronic Keno Game
    Nova Scotia residents are divided over the debut of electronic keno games in their province. Critics say that the game will only harm people who are susceptible to gaming addiction.
  230. Nova Scotia Restaurants to Keep TV Screens after Electronic Keno's Shutdown on October 22nd, 2009
    Restaurants in Nova Scotia will be able to keep the video screens after the game of kenos last day on October 22nd, 2009. Robyn MacIsaac said that it is better than paying someone to remove it.
  231. Nova Scotia Schools to Benefit from Electronic Keno LCD Televisions
    The 180 LCD television sets from electronic keno will be given away to schools in Nova Scotia. Electronic kenos last day was on October 22nd, 2009.
  232. Octavian International To Globally Distribute LVGIs New PortalVision Product Line
    Australia, China, Eastern Europe, Russia and South America will now have PortalVision which delivers additional gambling content to existing gambling machines. Las Vegas Gaming Inc. is under an exclusive agreement with Octavian International and its distribution division OctaSupplies.
  233. Officials Approve the Keno-To-Go Program
    The Lottery Commission has already given their go signal for the Keno-to-Go game to be offered in variety stores in Massachusetts. It is expected to produce $100 million for the state.
  234. Ohio Businesses Clamor for Keno
    Businesses in the state of Ohio are hoping that they can earn a lot by offering keno. The whole application can last for three to six weeks.
  235. Ohio Businesses Line Up for Ohio Lottery's Keno
    Businesses in Ohio are applying to offer keno in hopes of earning a lot of profits from the game. The Ohio Lottery has already ordered $18 million worth of keno equipment from GTECH.
  236. Ohio Businesses Line Up for the Game of Keno
    A lot of business in Ohio already filed an application before the Ohio Lottery Commission. A lot of business owners are hopeful that they will earn more profits by offering the game.
  237. Ohio Finance Director Pam Spaccarotella Comments on Keno Earnings Decline in Ohio
    Pam Spaccarotella said that the decline on keno will not have any effect on the stadium in downtown Ohio. She said that they will be monitoring the situation closely.
  238. Ohio Gambling Board Delays Awarding of Contract to Intralot Following GTECHs Protest
    The Gaming Board of Ohio plans to delay the approval of the Intralot contract. The main reason is that GTECH filed a protest challenging the decision of the Board.
  239. Ohio Keno Falls Short of Revenue Predictions
    The game of keno in Ohio only earned a total of $30 million in its first year of operation. It is short of the $73 million revenue prediction of Gov. Ted Strickland.
  240. Ohio Lottery Announces Profit Increase for Keno
    Lottery director Kathleen Burke said that keno profits are finally picking up after its launch in August 2009. The game is offered by 1,100 keno retailers in Ohio.
  241. Ohio Lottery Commission Achieves Good Result for 2009
    The Lottery Commission of Ohio achieved a terrific results for this year with their gaming offerings. Although keno contributed a total of $100 million, it is still below state expectation.
  242. Ohio Lottery Commission DownPlays Low Keno Returns
    The Ohio Lottery said that it is only normal that keno will not meet the target for the first few months. Marie Kilbane said that they are expecting an improvement in the next few months.
  243. Ohio Lottery Commission to add "Booster" Option to Keno Game
    The Ohio Lottery Commission received the go signal to add the 'Booster' feature to the game of keno on January 19th, 2010. The feature is expected to earn $13 million.
  244. Ohio Lottery Director Michael Dolan Resigns From His Position
    Ohio Lottery Director Michael Dolan resigned from his position on August 4th, 2009. Before his resignation, Dolan managed the implementation of keno and video slots in the state.
  245. Ohio Lottery Director Michael Dolan to Stand By Intralot Regarding Lottery and Keno Contract
    The Ohio Lottery has decided to honor their contract with Intralot regarding the lottery and keno games. The Ohio Gambling Board decided to wait on the decision regarding the appeal of GTECH.
  246. Ohio Lottery Examines Potential Keno Spots
    The Ohio Lottery is currently evaluating the possible bars and pubs that will host the keno game. But there are some groups that are not in favor of the keno plan of Governor Strickland.
  247. Ohio Lottery Stays Strong Despite Economic Crisis
    The game of Keno contributed to the stable performance of the Ohio Lottery despite the financial crisis. So far, the game has already earned $71 million.
  248. Ohio Lottery's Keno Misses Target Earnings for Its First Year of Operation
    Ohio Lotterys keno earnings misses Governor Ted Stricklands projected total of $73 million. But Ohio officials are still optimistic that the game will eventually meet its target.
  249. Ohio Officials Are Debating Keno Proposal
    Supporters and Opponents of the keno proposal of Gov. Strickland are debating the merits of the proposal. But a lot of legislators believe that it would really help Ohio out of their problem.
  250. Ohio Pastors Opposes Keno in the State
    Pastors Akuchie, Sharp and Moss are against the implementation of Keno in Ohio. They said that it will only affect the poor in the community.
  251. Ohio Plans To Offer Keno Games to Balance State Budget
    Governor Strickland is supporting the move to offer keno in Ohio to supplement the state budget. But Governor Strickland still opposes video lottery terminals and Instant Racing Machines.
  252. Ohio Residents Has High Hopes for the Game of Keno
    A lot of Ohio residents and officials are hoping that keno will solve the states budget deficit. Some of keno earnings will be allocated for education and health care in the state.
  253. Olympics Slots Tournament at Omni Casino
    In anticipation of the 2012 London Olympics, Omni Casino launch their own version.
  254. Omaha City Council Approves Financial Agreement Extension With the Henry Doorly Zoo
    The city council of Omaha officially approved the extension of its financial deal with the Henry Doorly Zoo until 2020. Omahas keno dollars will support the zoo.
  255. Omaha Judge Dismisses Smoking Ban Exemptions for Keno Bars
    An Omaha Judge has issued an order to dismissed the smoking ban exemptions. The Judge said that it is only fair for the business establishments like keno bars in the area to follow the same rules.
  256. Omaha Keno King Applies for Package Liquor License
    Omaha Keno King has filed a petitioned before the City Council regarding its request for a package liquor license. Jeff Rothlisberger said that it will help their sales.
  257. Omaha Keno King Parlor Liquor License in Danger of Being Revoke by the Omaha City Council
    Omaha Keno Kings liquor license is in danger of being confiscated after complaints of disturbing activities. Jeff Rothlisberger owns the keno parlor.
  258. Omaha Museums to Lose Keno Funding
    Mayor Suttle is planning to cut keno funding to the museums in Omaha. He plans to use the money instead to acquire 44 new police cruisers for Omaha.
  259. Omaha Officials Fixes Budget Because of Lower Keno Profits
    Omaha officials are fixing the city budget because of the smaller amount of money that keno can contribute to the citys coffers. The reason why is the expansion of the existing smoking ban in Omaha.
  260. Omaha Opens Four New Keno Establishments
    Omaha officials permitted four new establishments like the Pizza Gourmet to offer keno. Joe Raya of Pizza Gourmet said that it will help them attract additional customers.
  261. Omaha To Keep Keno Profits if Douglas County Raise Property Taxes
    Omaha is currently thinking of keeping their own keno revenues if Douglas County will raise their property taxes. Mayor Fahey said that they have no plans to raise their property taxes.
  262. Omaha to Use Keno Dollars to Support the Henry Doorly Zoo
    The Henry Doorly Zoo will receive financial support from Omahas keno earnings. Mayor Jim Suttle said that it is important that they support their tourist destinations.
  263. Online gambling in Washington under new hearing
    A fresh hearing will be held, concerning Washington online gambling and approaches several issues.
  264. Onlinebingogala.com Launches Keno and Video Poker
    onlinebingogala.com recently add Keno and Video Poker to their gambling portfolio. Officials said that there is a growing demand among their players for the two games.
  265. Osborn Joins Coalition to Fight Nebraska Gambling
    Representative Tom Osborn joined the coalition fighting the expansion of gambling in Nebraska. Nebraskans have already voted out two casino plans in 2004. Nebeaska Secretary of State John Gale has refused to allow two more gambling initiative questions on the ballot citing they violate the state constitutions limits on ballot proposal submissions.
  266. Other keno ticket types
    A rundown into all the types of keno tickets ranging from king tickets to high/end tickets.
  267. Otoe County Commissioners Directs Nebraska City Keno Proposal to City Council
    The Otoe County Commissioners forwarded the keno proposal of Nebraska City to the city council. The games will be available at The Avenue Grill and The Depot.
  268. Otoe County Earns its First $10,000 from Keno by the End of 2009
    Otoe County received an initial $10,000 from its keno games by the end of last year. AGT received the keno gaming contract in Otoe County.
  269. Outstanding Bonus Offer at Manhattan Slots Casino
    Massive bonuses are being offered at Manhattan Slots online casino, between the 18th and 21st of August. Futher details are available on their website.
  270. P.E.I. Treasurer Wes Sheridan Evaluates Electronic Keno's Future on the Island
    Wes Sheridan said that they will decide on whether to continue offering keno following Nova Scotias decision to stop the game. He said that they cannot continue the game without the province.
  271. PCSO Enjoy Increase in Lottery and Keno Sales in Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines
    PCSOs keno and lottery sales in the Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines increased to P7.69 billion pesos in 2009. Pacific Online plans to roll-out more keno machines this year.
  272. PCSO Formally Opens Two Keno Quick Panalo Outlets in Bacolod City, Philippines
    PCSO officials opened two new Keno Quick Panalo outlets in Bacolod on May 27th, 2010. Jeanette Oberio and Henri Muzzarelli led the ceremonial ribbon cutting.
  273. PCSO Opens Additional "Keno Quick Panalo" Outlets in Bacolod City, Philippines
    The PCSO launched two new keno outlets in Bacolod City, Philippines on May 27th, 2010. Jeanette Oberio and Henri Muzzarelli cut the ribbon for the official launch.
  274. Pacific Online Corporation Experiences Significant Sales Increase in the Philippines
    Pacific Online posted good sales results in Visayas and Mindanao. The groups keno sales also achieved good results for 2009.
  275. Pacific Onlines Lottery and Keno Results for 2009 in the Philippines
    Pacific Online achieved good results for its lottery and keno offerings for 2009. Willy Orcier said that they are hoping for better results in 2010.
  276. PacificNet Incorporated Acquires Guandong Poly Blue Express Communications
    PacificNet Incorporated recently acquired Guangdong Poly Blue. Company officials said that Guangdong Poly will help them take advantage of the growing lottery market in China.
  277. PacificNet from China Wins Lottery Bid from EU-Based Operator
    Take1 Technologies, which is under PacificNet has received an order for 100 lottery terminals from a EU based operator. PacificNet is a known maker of electronic machines like Keno.
  278. ParlayGames Offer Different Games Like Keno
    Parlay Entertainment has recently launched their ParlayGames Suite. The gaming suite offers different games like slots, keno, different flash games and others.
  279. Partial Smoking Ban Affects Rules of Keno in Rosenblatt Bar
    Griego plans to turn off their keno machines during the CWS. But Deputy City Attorney Tom Mumgaard said that the pub will not be exempt from the smoking ban if they turn off their machines.
  280. PartyCasino Offers Retro Cash Blast, An Exciting New Promotion
    Retro Cash Blast, the latest promotion from PartyCasino, offers players the possibility to experience old-school gaming.
  281. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Leaders Explains Keno Lottery Benefits to Agents
    Antonio Reyes explained the benefits of Keno Lottery to PCSO agents on April 6th, 2010 at the Westown Hotel in the Philippines. Reyes said that Keno Lottery offers a big winning percentage.
  282. Plattsmouth Council Allows Plattsmouth Keno to Add Side Walk Cafe
    The Plattsmouth Council gave their approval to the new side walk cafe of Plattsmouth Keno. Aside from allowing patrons to smoke, the new cafe will also allow customers to play keno.
  283. Play keno
    Many people prefer to play keno rather than the other casino games for a number of reasons
  284. Player Wins $275,000 at Alexandra Headland Surf Club Keno Game
    A female player won $275,000 at a keno game at the Alexandra Headland Club. She generously shared some of her winnings with the staff at the club.
  285. PlayerVerify keeps casinos and players safe
    The ultimate fraud preventing website comes to help both casinos and players.
  286. Playtech Gives Slot Players Xtra Win in New Wings of Gold Game
    Playtech has recently released a new 5 reel 20 payline video slot game called Wings of Gold, which has a US Air Force theme and the Xtra Win feature.
  287. Playtech software performs excellent in the fourth quarter
    Playtech has decided to launch itself over all online gambling markets, in order to support and help partners and customers.
  288. Policy notice
    Keno.cd Privacy Policy Notice
  289. Popular Land Slot Fire Opals Goes Online
    Wagerworks, the gaming software wing of IGT, has converted Fire Opals to on online format.
  290. Pottsville Native Wins Keno Jackpot of $1.2 Million Dollars
    Ray from Pottsville won a total $1.2 million on a keno game at the Pottsville Beach Sports Club. Ray plans to buy a new car and a new home with his winnings.
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  347. Prince Edward Island Evaluates the Merits of Stopping Electronic Keno
    P.E.I. officials are debating on whether to stop electronic keno or not. P.E.I. Treasurer Wes Sheridan said that he wants to talk with concerned parties before making a final decision.
  348. Prince Edward Island Stops Electronic Keno
    P.E.I. has finally decided to dropped electronic keno following Nova Scotias decision to stop the game. James Ramsy said that P.E.I. has lost a total of $60,000 in the game.
  349. Protect Private Property Rights Leads Boycott Calls Against Lottery Products Due to Smoking Ban
    Protect Private Property group is leading the boycott calls on lottery games like keno because of the smoking ban. The boycott received different reactions in Michigan.
  350. Quincy License Board Delays Vote on BJs "Keno-to-Go" Application
    The Quincy board delayed the decision on the 'Keno-to-Go' application of BJs. Councilor Palmucci requested the delay to ask his constituents first on the issue.
  351. Rainbow Bingo Launches Keno and Video Poker
    Aside from Bingo, Rainbow Bingo are now offering Keno and Video Poker. Players can easily play the games because they are made to run on Macromedia flash player.
  352. Rainbow Bingo Offers New Games Like Keno
    Aside from Bingo, Rainbow Bingo is now offering different casino games. Like Keno, Video Poker,Scratch cards, Slots and others.
  353. Reggie Snead Wins The Jack Club Keno in Freeland
    Freeland native Reggie Snead won The Jack Club keno jackpot prize. Snead won a total of $108,927 dollars.
  354. Religious Leaders Against Video Keno Initiative
    A group of religious leaders came out against a ballot initiative to allow video keno, appearing at news conferences announcing their opposition to the video Keno Measure on the November 7 ballot. On the November 7 ballot, this petition will appear as Initiative 421.
  355. Representative Brian Quirk Pushes for Video Keno to Iowa Bars
    Iowa Representative Brian Quirk is proposing to allow adult bars to offer video keno machines. Quirk said that this will enable barsto compete effectively with casinos.
  356. Republican Board Members Expected to Block Keno Petition of the Ohio Lottery Commission
    The Republican members of the Controlling Board is expected to blocked the keno plans of Gov. Strickland. The board members said that there should be a public hearing held for the issue first.
  357. Retro Back in Fashion at PartyCasino
    New slots game Joystick Generation inspires fun Retro Cash Blast promotion at PartyCasino.
  358. Reverend John Edgar Criticizes Governor Strickland's Support of Keno
    Rev. John Edgar said that Gov. Strickland violated his anti-gambling pledge with his support of Keno. But Gov. Strickland said that this is just a misunderstanding between him and Rev. Edgar.
  359. Rhode Island Lottery Pushes for Keno at the T.F. Green Airport
    The Rhode Island Lottery organization wants to offer Keno at the T.F. Green Airport. Airport officials are currently reviewing the Rhode Island Lottery's Keno proposal.
  360. Rival Gaming Releases Nuclear Fishing Slot
    A warning on the dangers of power adds a thoughtful edge to this fun new slot from Rival Gaming.
  361. Robert Shaw Wins the Ohio Lottery
    Ronert Shaw wins a total of $50,000 in Ohio Lottery. He bought his winning ticket from Parklaine Variety, which is owned by Ajay Chopra.
  362. Rules for Ohio Keno Approve by Gov. Strickland
    The rules that will govern the game of keno were approved by Gov. Strickland. Some of the members of the lottery commission do not share the views of Gov. Strickland.
  363. SA Lotteries to Offer Keno in SA TAB and PubTab Outlets
    Some retailers said that the decision by the SA Lotteries to allow keno in SA TAB and PubTab outlets is harmful. But the SA Lotteries denied the allegation.
  364. Safe Bet Society and Game Over VLTS Fight Electronic Keno in Nova Scotia
    Safe Bet and Game Over VLTS recently sealed their partnership in blocking the implementation of electronic keno in Nova Scotia. Both groups said that electronic keno is highly addicting.
  365. Scotts Bluff County Board Still Reviewing the Plan to Privatize Keno
    The county board of Scotts Bluff is considering whether or not they should privatize keno. County Attorney, Derek Weimer, stated that he is in favor of privatization.
  366. Scotts Bluff County Privatizes Keno Operation
    The County Commissioners in Scotts Bluff County decided to award the operation of keno in the area to Lucky Keno LLC. Both sides said that they are happy with the arrangement.
  367. Selectmen Allows Main Street 7-Eleven to Feature Keno Monitor
    The Selectmen gave their permission for the 7-Elevens Main Street proposal to feature a keno monitor. Al DeNapoli said that the store should come before the board for yearly evaluation.
  368. Sen. Chris Romer Pushes for Video Keno in Colorado Bars and Restaurants
    Sen. Romer is hoping that allowing video keno in Colorado restaurants and bars will help the state solve its budget deficit. It is expected to produce $100 million.
  369. Sen. Chris Romer and Sen. Abel Tapia Amends Keno Proposal to Include Video Lottery Machines
    Sen. Romer and Sen. Tapia modified their keno proposal to include video lottery for State Fairgrounds. But the Protect Our Neighborhoods group is opposed to the proposal.
  370. Senator Abel Tapia Proposes Video Keno Lottery for Southern Colorado
    Sen. Abel Tapia said that revenue from video keno lottery will help support higher education in the state. But the game needs the approval of state voters first.
  371. Shares of Lottery Machine Supplier Pacific Online Improve by About 50%
    The shares of Pacific Online, a supplier of lottery machines improved by about 50%. The company also plans to offer Keno by the second half of 2007.
  372. Shawn Ray Wins $8,735 at Keno Game
    Mr. Shawn Ray of Emporia won a total of $8,735 in a keno game at the VFW Club at Graphic Arts Road. Ray plans to use his winnings to buy his wife a car.
  373. Sheree Bonell Participates at "The Footy Shows" Keno Million Dollar Hot Seat
    Sheree Bonell is the first female participant of the 'The Footy Shows' Keno Million Dollar Hot Seat. Bonell will try to win the $5,000 cash prize at the show.
  374. Should Singapore legalize online gambling?
    Huge revenue figures from land casinos show the appetite for gambling in the region.
  375. Single Mom Wins Keno Jackpot at the St. Marys Rugby League Club
    A 58 year-old single mother won the $2,227,209.70 keno jackpot at the St. Marys Rugby League Club. The woman said that she plans settle her debts with her winnings.
  376. Skepticism About Keno Presence in Pubs
    Lismore Club said that it will really affect the income of clubs in Northern River, Australia if keno will be allowed in pubs. Mick Drew said that community organizations will also be affected.
  377. Slot Technicians at Tropicana Supports Union
    The slot technician workers at the Tropicana Casino voted in favor of the UAW. It has been a good year for the unionization efforts at Atlantic City casinos.
  378. Slots Jungle Casino Features its Very Own Custom Online Slot Game
    Slots Jungle Casino features a custom online slot game on their site called Slots Jungle, which is equipped with great graphics and plenty of bonuses.
  379. Smoking Ban Affecting Business in Iowa as State Legislators Plan to Install Video Keno in Bars
    Iowa legislators are planning to allow video keno machines in Iowa businesses. The main reason is to cope up with the effects of the smoking ban.
  380. South Australia Lottery Fights to Keep Keno
    The Independent Gaming Authority in South Australia proposes to ban SA Lotteries Keno in its retail agencies. SA Lotteries in turn appeals that it is not the right move since it would mean a big loss not just only to them but also to retailers, agents and its employees.
  381. South Dakotas Video Lottery Addiction
    In 1989, South Dakota was the first ever to legalize video lottery. Dan Brendtro, is heading up Forward South Dakota, the fourth campaign to end video lottery in the state.
  382. Split ticket
    The split ticket in keno is another way to fill out the keno ticket. An explanation of the rules and regulations regarding the split ticket in the game of keno.
  383. Stanton Voters Decide on Keno Fate
    The voters in Stanton will decide on whether or not to allow keno in their community. Community leader are currently studying how can Stanton benefit from the game.
  384. State Lotteries Endures Economic Recession
    Even with the ongoing economic crisis, most state lotteries in the US continue to achieve good results. Jeannie Roberts of the Ohio Lottery stated that keno helped them to endure the crisis.
  385. Keno VS State Lottery
    Comparison of the odds and chances of winning in Keno versus the state lottery.
  386. State Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue Meets With Arkansas Legislators
    Ernie Passailaigue denied rumors before Arkansas legislators regarding his appointment in the state lottery. He said that the media is just blowing things out of proportion.
  387. Straight ticket
    In Keno there are many tickets variation and the straight ticket would be the most well known of them all. Learn how to fill a straight ticket.
  388. Strickland Plans to Consider Keno for the Ohio Lottery
    Gov. Strickland is hoping to offer keno in the Ohio Lottery. But some critics said that Gov. Strickland is very hypocritical about his position on the matter.
  389. Tabcorp Disappointed on Victorian Governmentls Keno Decision
    Tabcorp is deeply disappointed on the decision of the Victorian Government about the keno issue in the state. They are also unhappy about the decision of the Government about the issue of refund.
  390. Tabcorp Holdings Ltd Reports Smoking Ban has Affected Keno Profits
    Tabcorp Holdings Ltd. has reported a slide in their revenues in their Queensland casinos due to the smoking ban. In addition, Tabcorp has announced that they are planning to expand their keno business in China.
  391. Tabcorp Still Stands Out Despite Failed UniTab Bid
    Figures showed slow growth this quarter compared to last year for Tabcorp. But despite that Tabcorp has played down the impact of rising petrol prices and interest rates on its gaming revenue which continued to increase at a much lower rate than in previous years.
  392. Tasmanians Spend Considerable Amount of Money on TasKeno
    A lot of residents in Tasmania are spending a lot of their money on TasKeno. A lot of people do not view the game as gambling but just simply another entertainment alternative.
  393. Tattersalls Pulls Out Well-Known Tatts Keno and Other Games in Tasmania
    Tattersalls have recently pull out their well-known games like Tatts Keno in Tasmania. The reason is that they are following the order of the Victorian Government for a complete gambling shake-up.
  394. Tattersalls Receives Mid-Week Lottery Contract in Victoria
    Tattersalls has edged out Intralot for the mid-week keno lottery contract in Victoria. Tattersalls will retain the rights to games like Oz Lotto and others.
  395. Tennant Creek Woman Wins $2 Million Dollars in Keno Game
    A woman from Tennant Creek won more than $2 million in keno jackpot. The woman won the jackpot at the Memorial Club.
  396. The Cass County Commissioners expanded the list of county Keno locations on June 16th,
    Cass County Commissioners recently added the Flatheads Restaurant on their list of keno locations. Cass County Keno Rep. George Payne is instrumental to this decision by the commissioners.
  397. The Clairborne Hall to Offer Keno Exclusively
    The Omaha City Council recently approved the plan to transform the Clairborne Hall into a keno facility. The council decided that the Clairborne Hall will not host anymore events aside from keno.
  398. The Debate About Electronic Keno in Nova Scotia
    Electronic keno are a hot topic in Nova Scotia as a lot of people are opposed to the implementation of the game. But supporters said that it will help the province earn more for its programs.
  399. The Debate About Video Keno Machines in Iowa
    Iowa legislator Brian Quirk said that there are a small group of legislators that are thinking of allowing video keno in the state. This is to allow bars to recoup their losses from the smoking ban.
  400. The Different Opinions Regarding Keno in Connecticut
    Connecticut legislators differ in belief regarding the keno proposal of Gov. Rell. The Governor said that she is very sure that no problems will come up from her keno plan.
  401. The End of Electronic Keno in Nova Scotia
    Electronic keno ended in Nova Scotia on October 22nd, 2009. Finance Minister Graham Steele said that the game never performed to expectations.
  402. The Future of Keno in The Illinois Gambling Industry
    With his tax proposal shutdown, Blagojevich is now focusing his attention on broadening gambling in Illinois, which mainly consists of expanding the state lottery and keno.
  403. The Gaming Issue in the State of Ohio
    Gaming critics said that Ohio officials should not rely on gaming revenues to support the budget. They pointed to what happened to Keno last year where it failed to earn $73 million.
  404. The Keno Debate on Bolton Road House Bar and Grill
    Mr. David Lindsay voiced his concerns before the Bolton Selectmen regarding the plan to allow keno in the Bolton Road House. Lindsay said that it can cause gaming addiction.
  405. The Legislative Debate on the Connecticut Keno Plan
    A legislative hearing on Gov. Rells keno plan was held on March 2nd, 2010. Representatives from Connecticut two Indian tribes and the state lottery attended the hearing.
  406. The Ohio Controlling Board Gives The Go-Ahead to the Game of Keno
    The Gaming Control Board of Ohio has given its consent to offer keno in pubs and restaurants around the state this summer. Around 550 pubs and restaurant will feature the game this coming summer.
  407. The Overall Keno Outlook in the State of Ohio
    Although keno missed its revenue target in its 1st year of operation, bar owners are still hopeful about the game. Gamers like Mary Trapp say that she enjoys playing keno.
  408. The September Issue from Blackjack Ballroom Casino
    Blackjack Ballroom Casino's latest newsletter promises an eventful September, with new releases and exciting promotions.
  409. The Total Keno Winnings of Douglas County Residents
    Residents of Douglas County particularly in Roseburg won $459,034 dollars. Most winners came from Roseburg.
  410. The end of season at Winner Casino doesn’t go without offers
    Winner Casino is making attracting offers to players at the end of the season and it’s never enough when it comes to bonus rich offers and promotions.
  411. Third Party to Operate Scotts Bluff County Keno
    The commissioners for Scotts Bluff are thinking of looking for a private operator for the county's keno game. Masterton said that a private operator might do a better job in operating keno.
  412. Three Ohio Pastors Voice Criticism Over the Game of Keno
    Pastors Akuchie,Sharp and Moss criticize the keno game of Governor Strickland. Their reason why is that it only affects the poor in the state.
  413. Todd Marks Wins at Club Keno in Jackson County Michigan
    Club Keno is currently one of the most popular gambling games in the state of Michigan. The state lottery began offering the game back in 2003.
  414. Top Game Debuts Two New Games
    From the card table to an overgrown garden, Top Game launch two new games.
  415. Tribes Not Required to Divulge Keno Secrets to Michigan State Officials
    Judge Brenneman has ruled that the tribes do not need to show their financial records to the state officials that have been asking to see them since both tribes have stopped making their payments.
  416. Tribes Reject The State of Montana's Proposed Gaming Compact
    On November 30th, all keno and poker machines on the Flathead Indian Reservation will be unplugged for removal from the reservation. The new gaming compact proposed by Montana was rejected by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.
  417. Trio of Bonuses from All Slots Casino
    Free spins, free credits and surprise bonuses are all up for grabs this April at All Slots.
  418. True Love Slot Game and Valentine’s Day Bonuses at Omni Casino
    Omni Casino has released True Love slot game for Valentine’s Day and is offering its players the chance to enjoy huge bonuses and a slots tournament.
  419. United Auburn Tribe Opposes Keno Plans of Governor Schwarzenegger
    Gov. Schwarzenegger is planning to offer keno in California. But Indian Tribes in the state are against it because it is unconstitutional and it would affect their profits.
  420. Vegas Palms Casino Announces New Mad Hatters Promotion
    As The Weekend at Tuscany promotion nears an end, Vegas Palms Casino launches Mad Hatters promotion through its blog site, accessible from the home page.
  421. Vic Piroozs East Street Cafe Benefits from Growing Popularity of Keno in Ohio
    Keno is becoming more popular in Ohio. The East Street Cafe of Vic Pirooz is one of the main benefactors as the number of their keno players steadily improved each day.
  422. Video Keno Operators in Nebraska Contribute Substantially to $1.2M Casino Petition Fund
    Nebraskans for Video Keno, a group supporting authorization of video keno in Nebraska, has made a substantial contribution to the three-casino petition to authorize casinos in the states three congressional districts. The group is advocating for the inclusion of video keno in the November 2006 vote.
  423. Video Keno Petition Collected Enough Signatures To Be Placed On Ballot
    Nebraskans will have the chance to vote on the video keno initiative on November 7th at the polls. Enough residents signed a petition that was verified by Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale on August 30th.
  424. Vince Allen Wins $203,000 in Keno Game
    Mr. Vince Allen, who is living in Nambour, won a total of $203,000 at the Nambour RSL Keno game. Allen said that he plans to buy a brand new four wheel drive with his winnings.
  425. Virgin Casino Features Exciting 12 K Bundle Promotional Event
    Virgin Casino is holding a special 12K Bundle promotion that gives both their low roller and high roller players the chance to win one of two prize pools.
  426. Washington Considers Allowing Four-Minute Keno Games
    Gov. Chris Gregoire is seriously considering allowing 4-minutes keno game in Washington. She said that this will help the state deal with its $2.6 billion budget deficit.
  427. Washingtons Governor Gregoire Considers Allowing 4-Minute Keno Game
    Gov. Christine Gregoire is studying the possibility of permitting 4-minute keno in Washington. The money from the game will help solve the $2.6 billion budget deficit.
  428. Way ticket
    Learn how to play the way ticket which is one of the varieties of keno tickets. Also keno tips on how to fill out the way ticket.
  429. Website Launch by Mega Moolah Progressive
    Mega Moolah slot game launches its own website to provide all game-related information to players.
  430. Whitman Selectmen Approves Keno for Tedeschis and Little Comfort General Store
    Tedeschis and Little Comfort Store can now install TV screens to show Keno results. The board also discussed other issues like the police station construction.
  431. Winning keno
    Winning Keno
  432. Winning Keno Retailers With Bankruptcy History Investigated by the Ombudsman
    The Ombudsman are currently investigating keno retailers with multiple wins and a bankruptcy history. They are also investigating the policy of the BCLC in awarding keno prizes.
  433. Wynn Focusses On Plans For His New Cotai Strip Casino While Caesars Revamps Keno Room
    Steve Wynn is making plans for opening his new properties on the Cotai Strip in China. In a bid to remain competitive Caesars palace is redoing their keno room as others are closing them down in a hope of capturing the market share of Keno players.
  434. Choosing An Online Keno Casino
    If you want to have fun playing keno on the internet, it's best that you read our article first to help you choose the best online keno room.
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    keno.cd contact us form
  436. Record breaking Lottery
    Record breaking Lottery, Record Breaking Winning in Lottry: 340 Million dollars!
  437. How to play keno
    How to play Keno Playing Keno is very easy, and it's even better in online casinos
  438. Keno brothers
    Keno brothers have absolutely nothing to do with online casino Keno game
  439. Keno strategy
    online Keno Strategy
  440. Keno Tickets
    A concise description of Keno Tickets and how to use them when playing Keno games online or in the casino.
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