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Keno Split Tickets

Keno split ticket allows the keno player to play a number of games on the same keno ticket. This is done by splitting the ticket using a circle or line to separate the numbers. The downside of this method is that the player is not allowed to use the same number in both groups, but on the other hand two groups of 15 allow the player to play 30 numbers as opposed to the normal 20.

You can split the ticket for as many Online Keno games as you wish as long as there are enough numbers that aren’t used more than once. The more split tickets in turn reduces the amount of the potential payout.

The numbers in one section of the keno split ticket must be played together. There can be no mixing and matching between the split parts.

Keno split tickets are basically two straight tickets on a single keno card. The player circles two sets of numbers which are the two different tickets. One downside of this method is that a number can’t be used for both sets. There are no massive advantages to the keno split ticket method other than convenience. It allows you to play two or more games on the same ticket.

Written by Winston Langley, Editor. 22.12.05