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Keno Straight Tickets

The keno straight ticket is the simplest form of all the different keno tickets. The player just selects the numbers he wishes to play and that’s it. Usually there is a maximum of 15 numbers that a player can select. Same casinos though may allow you to pick more, possibly as many as 40, but as a result of this you have to pay more for the ticket and your payout will be less. Think of it like lotto. The amount of numbers you select alters how many numbers to need to match up with to receive a pay out.

After you decide how many numbers on the keno straight ticket you will play you then choose how much to wager. You can bet $5 on a $1 ticket and you will receive five times the winning although you should note that most casinos have a limit on how much they will pay so your winnings would be capped at whatever this limit is.

Typically when playing a keno straight ticket, most players play between four and eight numbers as this is where the best keno odds lie.

Michael Landenberg, Editorial Staff.