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Strickland Plans to Consider Keno for the Ohio Lottery

On March 4th, 2008, Gov. Strickland of the state of Ohio has committed to feature keno games to the Ohio Lottery to answer the budget deficit by the end of the current fiscal year on June 30th, 2008. Gov. Strickland, who has blocked any plan gaming expansion in Ohio, commented that featuring the keno game would reel in the needed $73 million in profits. But Gov. Strickland is against video lottery terminals and Instant Racing machines at Ohio's seven racing tracks.

Backers of gambling machines at racing tracks called Strickland's stance on the games of keno foolish. Lawyer William Meeks commented that keno are still classified as gambling games, no questions ask. He added that players do not need to use any kind of skill in the game.

The game will be put into the bars and private pubs in the state of Ohio. Gamblers would pick their numbers on their ticket and the officials of the lottery commission would hold drawings. If any of the numbers that randomly come out in the game is the same as the one that a player has marked, the payouts are given and would steadily growing according to the digits that are played.

The keno proposal does not need the permission of the legislation or the state voters.

Just last year, some few racing tracks began starting what they categorized as video gaming but are games of skill. They were required to cancel them after a legislative decision that games of luck are illegal.


John Sullivan