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Keno Way Tickets

A keno way ticket is like the straight ticket but for cost as the way ticket is cheaper. Straight tickets allow you to pick the number you want while the way ticket allows you to pick multiple sets of numbers. You can play all of those numbers at once as opposed to needing multiple tickets.

Keno way tickets give the player the chance to play more than one ticket at once. Thus their big advantage to the keno player is convenience but they can be quite complex so a player may easily get confused by it if they are not so familiar with keno way tickets. If you need any help or assistance regarding how to fill out your keno way ticket, consult your casino or Online Keno site.

Way tickets contain a number of separate bets and a player can win on any or all of them on a single game. This means there is the opportunity for big payoffs which is one of the pluses of this method and one of the reason why online keno is so exciting. To be a legitimate way ticket the player has to choose at least three groups of numbers with each group containing the same amount of numbers.

Ultimately a keno way ticket is all about ease. Four separate three-spot tickets are the same as a single keno way ticket with 12 numbers.

Michael Landenberg, Editorial Staff. 18-11-2005